Fans Think Shorter Race Means A Wild Ride For Auto Club Speedway

Auto Club Speedway
San Bernardino County, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2010) – NASCAR driver Jeff Burton and many fans think a shorter race means running harder and more excitement.

Said Burton: “I have been a proponent of shortening some of the races because I think that if you have a real long race – it doesn’t promote not running as hard.  We run hard all the time – but the consequence of not running well is bigger because there’s less miles, so you have to run hard."

Translation:  Hold on for a wild ride in October at the Pepsi 400 at Auto Club Speedway.

Auto Club Speedway’s 2010 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race will be shortened to 400 miles. It will be re-named the Pepsi 400.  Last year’s Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup in October featured double file restarts and new Goodyear tires which resulted in 29 lead changes among nine different drivers – one of the most exciting Chase Races of 2009.  

With the change, fans can expect more of the same.  And that makes some fans excited about the possibilities. Through emails, twitter and Face Book posts, fans are rallying behind the announcement.

- “Thanks for listening to the fans once again. I think the shorter distance will make the race more interesting.” – Daniel K.

- “I think changing to 400 miles will shake things up, keep things even more unpredictable, and test the drivers'/crew chiefs' noggins. That's more important than how many miles there are. Let's go for excitement.”  – Vicki P.

- “One of the best decisions’ you could have ever made.” – Stacy S. 

- “Great News” – Bruce K.

- “YEAH BUDDY!” – Drew S.

- “I think this is a good thing hopefully it will make the race more exciting!” – Tammy M.

- “This is a great idea.” – Drew S.

- “I think a 400 mile race will make for a better fan experience.” – Brent S.

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