In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our race fans, while ensuring everyone’s timely entry into each event, the following policies are in effect:

Guest Services
If you have any questions during event weekends, please don’t hesitate to visit one of our many information booths, or seek assistance from one of our Guest Services Ambassadors. Questions can also be directed to our Guest Services Department Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. by calling 909-429-5616 or by sending an email to

Text Messaging Program
Need help in the Grandstands, the O'Reilly Auto Parts Fan Zone or anywhere else at the track on race weekend? Send us a text message.  Simply text ACSFAN followed by your question/issue and location to 69050. Standard SMS rates apply.

Non-Smoking Policy
In accordance with San Bernardino County Ordinance 31.0215, smoking is not allowed in any spectator seating area, including outdoor athletic recreation bleachers or similar areas used for the viewing of sports and athletic competition. Auto Club Speedway offers clearly marked “smoking areas” away from the seating areas.

Approved Carry-in Items
Fans may enter Auto Club Speedway with the following items:

• Lightweight backpacks similar to those used by school students, no larger than 17 inches.

• One soft-sided cooler that measures approximately 6 x 6 x 12 inches. Examples include: a soft-sided insulated cooler, scanner bag, fanny pack, purse, or diaper bag. This one bag may be carried in any manner, i.e.: by handle, with shoulder straps, on a belt, etc. The soft-sided insulated cooler may contain ice.  No hard-sided coolers, regardless of size, are allowed.
• One clear plastic bag, no larger than 18x18x4 inches. To accommodate samples received and purchases made after fans have parked their cars. This one bag may be carried in any manner, i.e.: by handle, with shoulder straps, etc. Clear plastic bags may not contain ice.

Note: Fans are allowed to bring in one (1) each of the bags described above.

• Binoculars, scanners, headsets, cameras, (not in a bag, worn separately over the neck or on the belt) and seat cushions carried separately are allowed.

• Seat cushion bags with compartments will be reviewed on an individual basis.

• Strollers will be permitted into the O'Reilly Auto Parts Fan Zone, but will not be allowed into the grandstand seating areas, elevators or concourse (underneath the grandstands).  Auto Club Speedway will not assume any responsibility for strollers left unattended.

• Flags are acceptable, provided they are not attached to poles and they do not obstruct other fans’ viewing of racing activities. No flag poles of any type will be allowed. Small nationality flags attached to a pencil sized diameter wooden stick will be allowed.

• All items brought through a grandstand gate will be inspected.

Unauthorized Carry-in Items
The following items may not enter the admission gates: 

• Firearms, weapons of any kind, fireworks, alcohol (ABC File # 47-397398 Condition 4) and items restricted by Local, State or Federal laws.

• Hard-sided coolers, thermoses, freezer/ice packets and insulated cups of any size.

• Umbrellas, wagons, inline skates, skateboards, bicycles, scooters (motorized and/or manual), etc.

• Glass, aluminum and metal containers.

• Any bags, backpacks, or containers larger than the allowed size. Bags larger than 6x6x12 inch size will not be allowed inside the gates. This includes bags that are folded to fit the allowed size or placed into a clear bag.

• Pets (excluding properly identified ADA escorts).

• Aerosol Cans (including sunscreen).

None of the above restricted items may be left in or around the gate area.  Please return items to your vehicle.  Any items left at the gates will be discarded.  Auto Club Speedway reserves the right to refuse entry of any item deemed inappropriate.

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