Daves Letter

Race fans,

I understand how passionate and loyal you are to our infield at Auto Club Speedway.  I have always respected your opinions and feedback – positive or negative. 

I want you to understand that we see the infield as the main artery of excitement and commitment here at the track. We have always tried to be fair and provide entertainment and amenities that fit your needs.  For example, this year we’ve worked on bringing back the popular Pedal Party on the backstretch as many of you have enjoyed. In addition, we have worked with Monster on making sure you’ll get to enjoy an unforgettable infield rock concert on Saturday night. 

Providing you with experiences and amenities that you can enjoy and add to your race weekend experience is always something we strive for.  Unfortunately, what is good for one may not be good for another. 

I don’t often write notes like this to our fans on social media but based on misinformation, I feel it’s worth explaining our infield store situation.

The infield convenience store is an amenity that we try to offer our infield guests.  We have worked very hard to find a partner that can help us provide the same, or close to the same, shopping experience that you have had with Albertsons, Vons, Stater Bros and Wal-Mart.  While each marketing relationship is different we have always worked with our partners to come up with something that works for the vendor, the track and our fans.  At the end of the day Vons made a business decision to move on and those decisions don’t always work for everyone involved. 

We cannot force anyone to run the store and Auto Club Speedway does not have the resources to do it ourselves.  Please understand the group that will be running the store during race week is working very hard to provide you with a great shopping experience. If you are frustrated with this change, I understand but please know we have done everything in our power to provide you with a store. 

We will continue to work with our new partner and, with your support this coming week, they will have a good experience and want to come back next year in a bigger way.  We will notify you of pricing as it becomes available.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and the teams of folks working in the infield trying to make your experience at Auto Club Speedway a memorable one. 

See you at the races!


Dave Allen

Auto Club Speedway President